- full engine build or modification of existing race engines -


- bespoke engine testing or development -


- fault-finding and diagnostic work to restore or improve performance - 


Our Facility



• Our facility houses three dynamometer test cells which are supported by fully automated systems to allow automatic and manual running


• Our infrastructure and set-up means we can run one-off manual tests e.g. Power Curve to 24-hour race simulation cycles 


• We are able to deal with gasoline, diesel and specialist fuels


• On site support services to facilitate testing:


     • Engine build shop


     • Teardown / layout



     • Instrumentation

        supply and



     • Fabrication and



     • Manual machining

Our Dynos



• Three absorption dynamometer equipped test cells


• 550kW power capability


• 10,000rpm speed capability


• fully automated REO-ETCTM real-time control



• 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week engineer supported running


• 48 k-type temperature measurement channels


• 26 pressure measurement channels


• 16 analogue voltage measurement channels - Lambda meter etc.


• Turbo speed measurement


• Cylinder pressure and combustion analysis


• CAN interface link for ECU development tool/data transfer - supports all after-market CAN ECUs


•1Hz and 10Hz continuous trend log data rates with 100Hz available on selected channels (user definable averaged step logs)


• Expandable channel count (CoTS I/O modules up to 1024 recordable channels) 

Our Race and Competition Engine Testing Services


• Functional mechanical systems tests and development


• Quasi-transient cycling for race simulation


• Performance development


• Design change / prototype prove-out functional testing


• Steady state calibration development


• Run and rate testing


• New technology evaluation testing


• Homologation testing


• One-make series engine batch performance validation testing


• Engine upgrade system characterisation testing


• Vibration survey for durability/fatigue investigation


• Thermal survey for heat balance and cooling system development

Race and Competition Engine Development


We offer a wide range of engineering services to support Motorsport  testing programmes:


• Engine specification development to meet customer targets


• Engine build/modification


• Engine tear down and layout


•Component analysis for failure modes and performance


• Systems development to meet functional or legislative targets


• Issue identification and resolution


• Dry sump system design and development


• Breather development


• Induction system performance design and development


• Exhaust system performance design and development


• Performance evaluation


• A-B-A-B component performance evaluation


• Competitor engine benchmarking


• Powertrain integration


• Turbo matching

Recent Motorsport Projects

Historic Group A Cosworth YB Turbo

• YB Engine build for a Group

    A Sierra Cosworth 4x4

    historic rally car

• Dyno install

• Run-in

• ECU calibration mapping

• Power curve

• Performance optimisation

Zetec ST170 Autograss Engine

• New engine build optimising

    standard parameters

• Dyno install

• Run in 

• ECU calibration mapping

• Power curve

• Performance optimisation

Peugeot TU5 JP4

• Dyno install for ISJ


• New build run-in

• ECU calibration mapping

• Power curve

• Performance development

   to optimise performance

Peugeot 205 Clubman Rally Car

• Engine fault investigation

• Fault correction

• Recommission engine

" ... I can't belive the increase in horsepower! I am definitely going to win my class next season ... "

SB - Autograss Class 3 

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